Therapeutic massage

Individually tailored to your complaints, these acupressur massages are devoted to specific body parts like the neck section, shoulders or limbs. The relief from symptoms is usually immediate.

Aromatherapy body massage

A gentle full body massage with natural, high-quality massage oils, selected herbal extracts and pleasant fragrances. Depending on the type of scents and strictly in line with your with your requirements, this  treatment can either soothe or relax. 

Thai feet massage

Both gentle and intense, this acupressur massage does not solely focus on foot reflexology. Calves, ankles and knees are also loosened and eased into its depths. This effectively promotes blood circulation, lymphatic flow, purification and detoxification. 

Thai for two

Enjoy the benefits of our massages with a loved one! Our classy facilities, subtle music and individual approach guarantee a both immediate and enduring experience for the two of you.


The Chang Noi Hall of Inner Harmony offers a spacious shower in case your want to refresh yourself before or after treatment. 

Mobile service

We will be pleased to visit you in your own four walls with our mobile service.

In addition, you can hire our team as an exclusive side event for trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences or any other corporate events. Well-being feels right at any occasion!

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